World Bank Scholarships 2015 –  The Award: Up to US$25,000 for a 6-10 month period starting between July and December 2015 to travel to a host institution located in a World Bank member country to conduct development-related PhD research under the supervision of a research advisor. Upon completion of the program McNamara fellows return to their home country for work.

Core Eligibility Criteria:

  • Home country is a World Bank member developing country.
  • Not a dual citizen of a developed country.
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD program in a member country of the World Bank.
  • Completed all coursework and exam requirements for your PhD.
  • Have a master’s degree.
  • Be 35 years or younger.
  • You meet one of the following conditions:
    a) You are enrolled in a PhD program in your home country, and not currently employed.
    b) You are enrolled in a PhD program in your home country or another World Bank member country and are working in an academic or research institution in your home country.

Application Process: Visit the World Bank Scholarships Program website now for the complete list of eligibility criteria and instructions on preparing your application. The online application form will be available on our website between January 7 – February 11, 2015:

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