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If you are interested in the topic of search engine optimization websites, the information will be useful for you. Today, the network has a lot of hypotheses in the field of seo. Many hypotheses are incorrect, and whether or not quite right. The well-known in Germany, the company published on its www.seo-agentur.in comments to the popular theories about the factors that influence the promotion of websites.

  • The density of keywords is not important – hand column density value was about ten years ago, today you probably will find a spammer if you overdo it.
  • The positions of the grant does not matter – the specific position in Google over time lose their importance as localization and personalization of search. But in any case it is useful to monitor the positions of the site for various needs in the webmaster panel. It will be good for seo.
  • You can not to exchange links to increase the weight of the pages – comments on this provision are many other issues of our newsletter, and discussion of this issue deserves a separate article, and even more.
  • Content – not all of our [Content is (not) king] – this mantra and is seen as absolute truth, or passion is denied. Of course, neither one nor the other is not true. Much more important question: “Why content is important and for what?” In short: Many large companies depend on the setting of that content – that’s all. They want your job to make money. The term Ā«content farmingĀ» arisen for a reason. Promote the site is possible without the constant pumping of new content.
  • Meta tags are unimportant – meta tags, especially the keyword and description, does not affect the position, as you do not saturate their keywords, which could theoretically lead to a ban. Many customers are asking to put meta tags literate almost the first thing. It’s like asking a cosmetic surgeon to cure a dying patient.
  • PageRank from the toolbar is not important – many webmasters still enthusiastically check PageRank in the Google Toolbar almost hourly. But one is not enough PageRank to get to the first positions.

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