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A new release of Google Chrome 4.0 is now available for download, full build string Loyal to a Cloud-tailored mantra of simplicity and performance, Google has kicked up a notch its open source browser, revealing the first Beta development milestone of version 4.0. Ahead of the November 2nd launch of Google Chrome 4.0 Beta, version 4.0 was offered exclusively through the Mountain View search giant’s developer channel. This is no longer the case. With the unveiling of the Beta Build, Google is now offering Chrome 4.0 to the public.

However, not all users will be able to install the release. Version is Windows only, Google informed, giving no indications as to any future plans to offer Chrome 4.0 for users of Linux and Mac OS X platforms as well. In this regard, early adopters looking to start test driving Google Chrome 4.0 Beta will need to do it on Windows XP SP2, and SP3, Vista RTM/SP1/SP2 and Windows 7.

“The Beta Channel is being updated to which is our first Beta release for 4.0. This release includes many bug fixes and for the first time Bookmark Sync is enabled. Extensions are disabled until the final API changes arrive. Please use the dev channel for the latest extension API,” revealed Jonathan Conradt, Engineering Program Manager.

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One aspect of Google Chrome’s evolution that is also characteristic of version 4.0 Beta, is the added horsepower introduced by the Mountain View search giant. Google’s Idan Avraham and Anton Muhin, Software Engineers, explained that Google Chrome 4.0 Beta delivers 400% more performance compared to Chrome 1.0, and 30% more over Chrome 3.0 Stable (according to Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core Tests).

Google Chrome bookmark sync is a new feature introduced with version 4.0 Beta, with a self-explanatory moniker. Google Chrome 4.0 Beta allows users to synchronize bookmarks across multiple devices that are running v4.0 of the open source browser. The synchronization is done in the Google Cloud, more specifically, the XMPP-based servers for Google Talk.

Google Chrome 4.0 Beta is available for download here.

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