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Anda pengguna browser Google Chrome, kini telah hadir Google Chrome terbaru yaitu Google Chrome 10. Google Chrome ini sendiri bisa digunakan di semua platform mulai dari windows, Linux dan Mac (link downloadnya ada di akhir tulisan ini).

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Just a day after releasing an update to the Beta Channel, Google is serving early adopters a new Build of Chrome 10.0.

The Mountain View-based search giant is pushing forward not only the Beta flavor of its open source browser but also the next major iteration of Chrome in parallel.

Google Chrome 10.0.648.6 Dev is now available to early adopters for testing (users will be able to find the download link at the bottom of this article).

The bits served through the Dev Channel are more advanced than Chrome 9.0 Beta, and in this sense, designed to be run in testing environments.

As with other pre-release software, the best course of action for users is to stick with the Stable Channel release, and not run the Beta or Dev milestones into production.

According to Google, Chrome 10.0.648.6 Dev is available for download on all supported platforms, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

But testers should not expect to see major changes in this release. Just as it is the case with the latest Beta Build, Chrome 10.0.648.6 Dev is designed to introduce a number of fixes, but no new features.

The Mountain View-based company revealed that it has resolved a number of stability issues identified in the previous Dev Channel update. In this regard, early adopters that have already been testing Chrome 10.0 are bound to notice a boost in reliability.

The previous Dev Channel update for Chrome was introduced a week ago, and it delivered more consistent modifications.

Google revealed at the time that it has updated the V8 JavaScript engine, kicked up a notch the new tabbed preferences dialog, tweaked Instant search, and added options to the context menu of PDFs in frames.

It won’t be long now until Chrome 9.0 graduates to the Stable Channel, inherently pushing Chrome 10.0 to Beta, and Chrome 11.0 to Dev.

Google Chrome for Windows is available for download here.

Google Chrome for Linux is available for download here.

Google Chrome for Mac is available for download here.

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  1. no offense…
    saya tidak suka google chrome..
    meski dibilang browser tercepat, faktanya google chrome ini memakan memory hampir 100 mb di harddisk. Sangat tidak efisien bagi pengguna komputer yang udah mau out memory…

    ane lebih suka Mozilla sih…

    shaleholic : Semua trgantung pilihan, 😀

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