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Ubuntu merupakan salah satu distribusi Linux yang berbasiskan Debian. Proyek Ubuntu resmi disponsori oleh Canonical Ltd yang merupakan perusahaan milik seorang kosmonot asal Afrika Selatan Mark Shuttleworth. Nama Ubuntu diambil dari nama sebuah konsep ideologi di Afrika Selatan, “Ubuntu” berasal dari bahasa kuno Afrika, yang berarti “rasa perikemanusian terhadap sesama manusia”. Tujuan dari distribusi Linux Ubuntu adalah membawa semangat yang terkandung di dalam Filosofi Ubuntu ke dalam dunia perangkat lunak. Ubuntu adalah sistem operasi lengkap berbasis Linux, tersedia secara bebas dan mempunyai dukungan baik yang berasal dari komunitas maupun tenaga ahli profesional.

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Namun dibalik semua itu ada hal yang menarik dari ubuntu di era sekarang terutama ubuntu 10.04, berikut 10 hal yang menarik dari ubuntu yang saya kutip dari sebuah blog :

There are so many people who love Ubuntu Linux and there are such people also who really don’t know anything about Linux at all. Here are the 10 best things which make Ubuntu 10.04 worth caring about.

1 – GNOME 2.30

GNOME 2.30This is the final GNOME release for 2.x before its major up gradation to 3. Of course 3 will be great also, and this will be last time when you will see your favorite 2.x GNOME in Ubuntu flavor. 2.30 GNOME is great as I experienced. As far as GNOME 3 is concerned I think that will succeed where KDE 4 failed in being a useful desktop upgrade right out of the starting gate.

2 – HAL begone!

windows-vs-ubuntuUbuntu 10.04 has done away with HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) during the boot process. This really boots up within 10 seconds and removal of HAL also drastically speeds up resume-from-suspend times for those of you in laptop land.

3 – Fully open source NVidia driver

nvidia_driversAnyone using NVidia graphics card can now take a sigh of happiness because of open source NVidia drivers. As open source NVidia drivers works same as the proprietary drivers.

4 – Social networking integration

SocialNetworkingIntegrationThe Me Menu, which is built upon the Gwibber framework enables you to interact instantly with social networking sites. It also haves multi-column view so that you can monitor more than one social networks at a time.

5 – Ubuntu One Music Store

Ubuntu- music storeThis gives you direct access to millions of songs you can purchase and you can buy commercial software right from your desktop. You can sync the songs with all of your Ubuntu One-registered computers.

6 – Cloud Computing

ubuntu_cloudCloud computing will over take the computing world or not this will be known with passage of time. Currently the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Installer now supports auto-discovery of all UEC components (even if the controllers and Walrus are on different servers). In reality this is a giant leap in cloud computing arena.

7 – KDE 4.4

Ubuntu kde 4.4KDE 4.4 is outstanding and it does not require seemingly infinite amount of tweaking to gain any semblance of stability. KDE 4.4.2 is rock solid.

8 – Ubuntu One iPhone apps

ubuntu iphon APPUbuntu One iPhone apps let you to keep your files in sync between your Ubuntu machines and your mobile device. This is a paid service and there is also 30-day trial for Ubuntu One members.

9 – iPhone support

ubuntu iphon supportUbuntu 10.04 is having built-in iPhone support, which allows you to drag-and-drop capabilities in Rhythmbox.

10 – MUCH improved sound control

MUCH improved sound controlUbuntu 10.04 is having much improved sound control than its previous versions. Now you can control sound volume, input/output devices, and hardware all from one user friendly location.

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    ane dah coba di virtual box om,, tapi makan hardisk banget tuh.. jadi stop aja..

    okeh ketekape buat belajar dual boot.

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